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JSG Oceana's distinctive "hard roc glass" is like no other. Hard Roc Glass is superior to the commonly used soda lime glass. JSG Oceana's unique borosilicate formulation is:
Scratch Resistant Stain Resistant Thermal Shock Resistant
IAPMO Approved Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe Made in the USA

From elegant but durable glass kitchen sinks to stunning glass dinnerware serving pieces, JSG Oceana is setting the trends that discriminating buyers everywhere love! JSG Oceana Glass, located in the historic "Glass City," of Jeannette, PA has gained fame for our variety of glass vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, glass tiles, and our wide range of decorative glass products, including glass table tops.

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Watch our Video

Watch our Video Clip

You will be amazed at the beauty and durability of our beautiful glass sinks!



JSG Oceana Featured in Remodeling TV Video.

JSG Oceana’s Glass Kitchen Sinks were featured in this video and highlighted their “Hard Roc” glass qualities & durability.  See how their Scratch, Stain, & Thermal Shock Resistance is superior to other kitchen sinks on the market.  With more than 13 vibrant colorations to choose from, it’s easy to bring a splash of color to your kitchen


JSG Oceana Bathtime for Baby

JSG Oceana's Glass Kitchen sinks can be used by the whole family, even for baby's bath time. JSG Oceana demonstrates the sinks' smooth, non-porous surface and shows not even an unpredictable baby and a metal spoon can damage our beautiful glass sinks. JSG Oceana's glass kitchen sinks are Scratch, Stain, Thermal Shock, & Heat Resistant, proving you can use these glass kitchen sinks for everyday use. "JSG Oceana, Products for Living."