JSG Oceana's distinctive "hard roc glass" is like no other. Hard Roc Glass is superior to the commonly used soda lime glass. JSG Oceana's unique borosilicate formulation is:
Scratch Resistant Stain Resistant Thermal Shock Resistant
IAPMO Approved Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe Made in the USA

From elegant but durable glass kitchen sinks to stunning glass dinnerware serving pieces, JSG Oceana is setting the trends that discriminating buyers everywhere love! JSG Oceana Glass, located in the historic "Glass City," of Jeannette, PA has gained fame for our variety of glass vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, glass tiles, and our wide range of decorative glass products, including glass table tops.

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Elegant and durable, our glass kitchen sinks made JSG Oceana famous.  Why settle for "functional" when our stylish glass bathroom sinks, glass tile, furniture accompaniments, and lighting add stunning elegance to any decor?

Let the beauty and color of designer glass elevate your home to a fashion statement, as certain to impress today as it will in years to come.

JSG Oceana’s elegant glass tabletop, dinnerware serving pieces, and giftware creations bring jeweled, luminescent colors to your table.

Our serving pieces are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and our dinnerware is both microwave and dishwasher safe.  JSG’s “Hard Roc” glass formulations are artful and durable, scratch and stain resistant.  Our Gifts Pages and Corporate Giftware provide even more unique glassware offerings.


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Take a few moments to watch our video to learn more about the durability and beauty of our JSG Oceana glass.  Our Hard Roc Glass is scratch resistant, stain resistant, thermal shock resistant, and made in the USA.  Our sinks are IAPMO Approved.

Beauty has a unique value all its own.

JSG Oceana glass home décor products bring beauty, durability, and affordability together in a range of magnificent colors and designs.
JSG Oceana Place SettingWhether you are a home owner looking for exceptional quality, a buyer in the hospitality industry, a commercial contractor, or simply know someone for whom elegant glassware is the perfect gift, JSG Oceana offers a stunning selection of glass pieces worthy of your attention.
Our offerings come in three categories: glass vessel sinks and other Kitchen & Bath products, elegant dinnerware and stunning table top pieces in our Tabletop & Giftware line, and a variety of pieces meant to add that special touch to Outdoor Living. 
JSG Oceana continues to introduce innovative and artful new glass pieces every day, including our new Gift Pages and Corporate Giftware.  At the height of their creative powers, our engineers and artisans have sparked a renaissance of dramatic glass making at our century old company.
Today, JSG Oceana continues to be acknowledged as a leader in the glass industry, offering innovative and artful glass vessels, and specializing in custom projects and designer glass of beauty and distinction.

Beauty and Value

The JSG Oceana line offers a wide spectrum of unique colors that complement any home décor. We believe our sinks and glass home décor products are among the most beautiful in the world. And because we believe that beauty and value are important, we offer our products at a price that fits any budget.
We stand ready to meet the growing demand for glass vessel sinks and other Kitchen & Bath products, elegant dinnerware and stunning Tabletop & Giftware pieces, as well as a variety of incomparable Outdoor Living products.
Learn more about JSG Oceana and how our unique “Hard Roc” glass formulation provides durability, affordability, and beauty by visiting our Why Glass pages. Use our Dealer Locator to find the JSG Oceana Glass showroom nearest you.

JSG Oceana glass is both elegant and durable, providing heirloom quality pieces of giftware and dinnerware, as well as our favorite sinks.

Impervious to the common elements as well as to many chemicals and liquids. It is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and surface scratches and is fatigue proof.

JSG Oceana’s “Hard Roc” glass sinks meet the highest standards of the plumbing industry, carrying the UPC certification form IAPMO.

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