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JSG Oceana's distinctive "hard roc glass" is like no other. Hard Roc Glass is superior to the commonly used soda lime glass. JSG Oceana's unique borosilicate formulation is:
Scratch Resistant Stain Resistant Thermal Shock Resistant
IAPMO Approved Made in the USA

At JSG Oceana, our cookware and bakeware pieces, are lead free. Environmentally friendly JSG Oceana glass is made with recycled glass and is recyclable. Our glass products will not harm the environment. At JSG Oceana, the imagination of our designers has allowed us to create industry leading Kitchen and Bath products of stunning beauty, durability, and functionality.

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Glass Dinnerware & Serving Pieces – Durable & Elegant 

Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe

JSG Oceana Place SettingWhen you look at the lustrous, exciting beauty of JSG Oceana’s glass dinnerware, it’s hard to believe each piece is made out of something called “Hard Roc” glass.  But that is exactly why we can assure you that our glass dinnerware is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.  These dinnerware serving pieces are durable, scratch, and stain resistant, and perfectly practical for everyday use.  And yet their beauty is heirloom quality.
What is Hard Roc glass?  It is a special formulation of borosilicate glass, a uniquely engineered glass developed by our parent company, Jeannette Specialty Glass. It has a WOW factor unlike any other and provides many advantages over traditional dinnerware.  From dinner plates and serving bowls to cutting boards and coasters, you will never see another collection that so captures the beauty of light and the excitement of the glass maker’s art.
JSG Oceana’s Bakeware and Cookwere is non-porous and non-absorptive, thus it is impervious to the common elements as well as to many chemicals and liquids. It is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and surface scratches, and it is fatigue-proof.
Visit our Bakeware and Cookware page to learn more. 

Hard Roc vs. Soda Lime Glass

The most common designer glass available, and still widely used, is soda-lime glass. It is inexpensive to produce and until the development of JSG Oceana’s “Hard Roc” formula would have been the glass of choice for applications such as decorative vessel sinks.

Cutting BoardToday, JSG Oceana’s “Hard Roc” glass dinnerware provides the consumer with many advantages in durability and functionality.

  • Most JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass dinnerware is Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe
  • Our products will not crack or develop lines from hot and cold water usage like soda-lime glass products. “Hard Roc” glass has a low coefficient of expansion, 3 times less than soda lime glass. This makes it useful for the oven and microwave, without the risk of breakage due to thermal shock. And it's far more beautiful than standard kitchen glassware.
  • JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass is stain resistant. “Hard Roc” glass is highly resistant to non-fluorinated chemicals thus allowing it to keep its lustrous color and clear quality. Soda-lime glass has only fair resistance to chemical corrosives and over time becomes cloudy from household cleaners and rust marked from hard water.
  • JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass is more scratch resistant than soda-lime glass, making it the glass of choice for products such as cutting boards, dinnerware, serving trays, decorative bowls, and more.


JSG Oceana’s “Hard Roc” glass enables us to produce a wide variety of cookware and bakeware.  JSG Oceana also offers a selection of Kitchen and Bath products, including the only Glass Kitchen Sink on the market. Hard Roc glass is Durable and Easy to Clean.

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