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JSG Oceana's distinctive "hard roc glass" is like no other. Hard Roc Glass is superior to the commonly used soda lime glass. JSG Oceana's unique borosilicate formulation is:
Scratch Resistant Stain Resistant Thermal Shock Resistant
IAPMO Approved Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe Made in the USA

At JSG Oceana, our cookware and bakeware pieces, are lead free. Environmentally friendly JSG Oceana glass is made with recycled glass and is recyclable. Our glass products will not harm the environment. At JSG Oceana, the imagination of our designers has allowed us to create industry leading Kitchen & Bath products of stunning beauty, durability, and functionality.

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Why Choose a JSG Oceana Glass?

A Century of Expertise and Innovation. 

JSG Oceana Glass LLC is a part of Jeannette Specialty Glass, founded in 1904. We are a corporation with a long history in the heart of America’s glass making region.
In 1976 JSG began to specialize in the uses of borosilicate glass, an engineered glass durable enough to withstand a variety of mechanical, chemical, and thermal “shocks.”  Our development of elegant glass vessel sinks, glass sinks, and glass kitchen sinks has been well received by the market.

Learn more on our Products page.  For business, we offer quantity orders that can be etched or monogrammed, even signage developed with your logo in glass!  Visit our Corporate Giftware page to learn more.

Today, Jeannette Specialty Glass and JSG Oceana Glass continue to be acknowledged leaders in the glass industry, offering innovative and artful glass vessels, and specializing in custom projects and designer glass of beauty and distinction.

An American Company, Committed to Green Production

Jeannette Specialty Glass / JSG Oceana LLC is located in historic Jeannette, Pennsylvania, known for generations as “The Glass City.” We believe that Made in the USA is a source of national pride, and all JSG Oceana glass products are produced right here at our Jeannette location. We pour 40,000 lbs of glass each day, meeting rigorous standards of quality in the production of stunning glass home decor products.
In addition to the elegance, durability, and WOW factor of our stunning products, JSG Oceana is one manufacturer committed to being green.  Our products are made from recycled glass and are recyclable; they are lead free and will not harm the environment.  Learn more on our Green Manufacture page.

Exceptional Customer Service

At JSG Oceana, LLC we know that quality alone cannot ensure our success. People are our most important asset. From our factory workers to our customer service representatives, every employee brings to the table an attitude of doing it right and doing right by our dealers and customers.
As it has been for over a century, Jeannette Specialty Glass / JSG Oceana LLC is here to build a relationship of success with each of our dealers and to look forward to new innovations and the development of exceptional product lines for the future, including new dinnerware serving pieces, unique gift ideas, designer bathroom sinks and designer kitchen sinks.

The Innovation of Hard Roc Glass

“Hard Roc” glass is the name given to the borosilicate glass developed by Jeannette Specialty Glass for the production of JSG Oceana products. Borosilicate glass is an “Engineered” glass developed specifically for use in environments where thermal, mechanical, and chemical conditions are too much for old-fashioned (soda lime) glass. First developed by glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 1800s and sold under the brand name "Duran,” borosilicate went on to gain fame under the formulation known as “Pyrex.”
In addition to the quartz, sodium carbonate, and calcium carbonate used in traditional glassmaking, the element boron is used in the creation of borosilicate glass. While more difficult and expensive to produce, borosilicate glass shines because of its superior durability, as well as its chemical and heat resistance. In addition to cookware, it has found a place in the development of high-end telescope mirrors.
At JSG Oceana, our special borosilicate formula has resulted in a wide range of stunning and affordable glass home decor products, including designer bathroom sinks, designer kitchen sinks, tiles, furniture items such as glass table tops, glass dinnerware serving pieces, and art glass pieces.
Choose JSG Oceana, an American company of great history, innovation, and outstanding customer service.


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